Currently the CMCD does not provide shared experimental resources or facilities, however a number of CMCD laboratories offer some level of access to selected resources on either a collaborative or cost-sharing basis. The CMCD web site will provide a central booking system for those facilities.

Harrison Laboratory X-ray Generators

To request access:

  1. Please contact Stephen Harrison ( to obtain guest privileges.
  2. All users must view the HHMI X-ray safety video and sign a statement that they have done so. Please contact Karen Lee for more information.
  3. All external users will need to have the assistance or collaboration of a sponsor colleague from the CMCD laboratory. Your sponsor will provide initial orientation, make ongoing equipment bookings and supervise your experiments. Please contact Gary Frey, John Genova or Piotr Sliz.

Currently Authorized External Users:

  • NONE

During your experiment:

  1. Make sure your experiment is scheduled on the CMCD Calendar. Ask your sponsor to create an entry.
  2. Login account names are mar006 and mar157 for two scanner respectively. Your sponsor will provide you with the account password.
  3. Remove ALL your data within 3 days of data collection. Data left behind will be deleted on the 1st and 15th of every month. There is no remote access to your data. Be sure to take it with you.

Eck Laboratory X-ray Generator

  • please contact Mike Eck ( to obtain guest privileges.

Other Resources

Please e-mail to add your equipment to the list.