Structural Biology Computing

xcluster1.jpg The Structural Biology Grid computing group, (SBGrid) provides comprehensive consulting and computing services to all CMCD members and offers software support to more then fifty laboratories across the country. For more information please visit the SBGrid website: or contact Piotr Sliz directly.

SBGrid Newsletters:

Electron Microscopy


X-ray Crystallography

Synchrotron Radiation

ring.jpg Data collection time is allocated by the CMCD Synchrotron Committee. Slots at NE-CAT beamlines C and E are available.

Application procedure:

  1. Your APS User Access must be current. Please complete the APS Central Registration as needed.
  2. Join the mailing list and subscribe to CMCD iCal. Review the trip dates. You can also view the CMCD calendar in your browser.
  3. Complete the CMCD time request form. This must be completed for each participant.
  4. Two weeks before the trip dial-in to CMCD time allocation phone conference. Dial-in number will be posted on the mailing list.
  5. Once your time is allocated please complete the APS GUP CAT Members proposal as soon as possible. If you already have a proposal in the database there is NO need to resubmit another. After you login to the system you must use the CAT MEMBERS section.
  6. Once your time is allocated please complete the ESAF form ESAF. Please make sure to include descriptive protein name and source of expression for each sample.
  7. Make travel arrangements. Accommodation should be booked in the APS Guesthouse.
  8. Ship your dewar to K. Rajashankar. Harvard Consortium, NE-CAT, Building 436. 9700 South Cass Avenue. Argonne, IL 60439

For more information please contact NE-CAT or e-mail Piotrek Sliz.

In-house Sources

Location PI Generator Mirrors Detector Cryo Ratings
DFCIMJERigakuOsmic BlueMar300Siemens LT21
DFCIMJERigakuJDG FocusMar300Siemens LT21
DFCIMJERigakuXenoxMar345Siemens LT23
BLGCJHEliotJDG FocusMar345Siemens4
BLDCJHBrukerJDG FocusMar345Siemens1

Please visit our resource booking page for more info.


hydra2_200_2.jpgHydra II 96/384-Channel Microdispenser, Matrix Technologies, SGM, 1st floor. Contact Jawdat Al-Bassam


5000.jpg Solis Master 5000, large 10.5 ounce hopper, 1250W. Location SGM, first floor. Consumables on cost sharing basis.